University of Puerto Rico Underground Heavy Rail Station

Client: Puerto Rico Highways & Transportation Authority
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Cost: (Station) $70 Million
Total Project Cost: $350 Million
Start Date: 1997
Completion Date: 2005


Anil Verma Associates, Inc. was the Architect of Record, Urban Designer & Inspector of Record in a Joint Venture Team of Kiewit, Kenny, Zachry (KKZ-Construction Contractors) for this Design-Build contract of the University of Puerto Rico Underground Station. Responsibilities included: Architecture, Urban Design, and Construction Management Services.


The Rio Piedras contract consisted of two stations and tunnels for the underground segment of the first Rapid Transit Rail Project in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This Design-Build contract within this heavy rail transit system is a Federal Transit Administration Demonstration Project.

The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) Station was a cut and cover station, with a center platform and entrances at both ends. One entrance provides access from the street level to a concourse (mezzanine with ticketing functions) and then access to the platform. This entrance is sensitively designed in the context of old historic walls and buildings. The second entrance has direct access from the street level headhouse (which has ticketing functions) to the platform. This entrance is a modern glass, steel and concrete structure which complements the newer university buildings. The ancillary equipment spaces are housed beyond the platform ends and at the mezzanine levels. The entire station configuration was changed to allow for a better ventilation system, and to consolidate the station cut and cover box size. The station lies in the historic section of the University of Puerto Rico campus and has several historic and urban design considerations.


Cut and Cover Station with 780’ Station Box and 450’ Center Platform with ancillary facilities were located at both ends of the station.

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