Silicon Valley Rapid Transit (SVRT) Station Design

Client: Silicon Valley Rapid Transit (SVRT)
Location: San Jose, CA
Size: Length of Tunnel – 5 miles
Cost: Projected Total Project Cost $4.45 Billion
Start Date: 2004
Completion Date: 2011


Preliminary Engineering: Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA), was responsible for the design of (2) mid-tunnel ventilation structures, cross passages, portals, tunnel vent fans, crossover, and ancillary equipment structures. AVA also provided project management services as a sub-consultant to the Joint Venture Team of Hatch Mott MacDonald and Bechtel.

Final Engineering: AVA was responsible for the Architectural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering Design for (2) mid-tunnel ventilation structures. One tunnel vent structure has (3) fans and the second has (2) fans. Both structures have electrical switchgear equipment and substations. Architectural design challenges in Downtown San Jose were addressed with the city, community, and other stakeholders. AVA was also responsible for the design of portals and other ancillary facilities.


The Mid-Tunnel Ventilation Structure houses two (2) ventilation fans, each with a 300 HP Motor to ventilate tunnels during an emergency and prevent the accumulation of any hazardous gases. The mid-tunnel ventilation structure also houses a 1000 Volt DC Switchgear which breaks the power at the gap breaker points for the third rail in both tunnels to isolate tunnels during an emergency. Communications and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Equipment provides power for communications and systems, and for tunnel lighting, which is also located at the basement level.

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