Berryessa Station


Client: Valley Transit Authority (VTA)
Location: Berryessa, CA
Size: 700 feet Aerial Boarding Platform
Cost: (Station) $220 Million
Total Project Cost: $840 Million
Start Date: February 2012
Completion Date: 2017


The Silicon Valley Berryessa Extension (SVBX) Phase I Project, is a Design-Build project which extends the BART Heavy Rail System from the Warm Springs Station in Fremont to Berryessa Station in San Jose, California. This 10-mile section encompasses the Milpitas and Berryessa Heavy Rail Stations, Bus Transit Centers, Parking Structures, and other related adjoining facilities. Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA) is the Architect of Record (AOR) and Engineer of Record (EOR) for Planning, Design and Construction Support to the Joint Venture team of Skanska, Shimmick, & Herzog Construction Contractors.

AVA is responsible for Architecture, Landscape Design, Structural, and Electrical Engineering services for the Berryessa Station, and the landscape restoration of the Upper Penitencia Creek. As Architect and Engineers of Record, AVA coordinated with the Skanska, Shimmick, & Herzog Joint Venture Construction Contractors team, and produced the final design construction documents, and provided construction support services for the duration of this Design-Build contract.


The Berryessa Station sits on a 52-acre station campus, adjacent to the famed Flea Market in San Jose. The station encompasses a street-level concourse with an aerial center-boarding passenger platform 35 feet above the ground. This BART station also includes the End-of-Line Facility and the station related ancillary facilities on the site which include a bus transit center, surface parking, parking structure & kiss n’ ride facilities.

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