Silicon Valley Rapid Transit (SVRT) BART Project – MIS/EIS/EIR Conceptual Engineering, Preliminary and Final Engineering Phases

Client: Valley Transit Authority
Location: San Jose, CA
Projected Project Cost $4.46 Billion
Completion Date: 2010 (65% Design)


Conceptual Engineering Design / MIS / EIS / EIR Phase:  Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA) worked closely with community groups and stakeholders on issues of route alignment, station location, entrances, traffic circulation, bus transit interface, multi-level parking, and transit-oriented development during this phase for (4) underground stations. Our team supported the Environmental Planning phase by evaluating the proposed alternative alignments, station locations, entrances, site and station concepts for this project. AVA studied two subway routes from Alum Rock, thru Downtown to Diridon to the Santa Clara Yards. One was along the San Fernando Road, and the other along Santa Clara Road determined the locally preferred Santa Clara Road Station location, design feasibility studies and tunneling issues. 
Preliminary EngineeringAVA was involved with Architecture and Engineering design for the underground stations and tunnel, and Station Area Planning. Station concepts, entrances, ancillary equipment spaces, transit-oriented development, traffic circulation work, and urban design scenarios are completed as a part of the Preliminary Engineering work for the system. AVA designed the complex maze of ancillary equipment spaces for each of the (4) underground stations and coordinated with the Engineering and Systems team and developed architectural design themes for all the stations.  At a later stage, two of the underground stations were consolidated into one Grand Downtown San Jose Station with a crossover.  Final Engineering:  AVA was responsible for design and systems coordination for underground stations and for preparing aesthetic concepts for a consolidated Downtown San Jose Station and reviewed sections of the project and conceptualized various aspects of the project


This Silicon Valley Rapid Transit (SVRT) project extends the existing heavy rail Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) network from Fremont to the City of San Jose and the Airport. The project completed the final design (65% Phase) and was temporarily placed on hold in 2010 due to funding. It commenced again in 2013. AVA was responsible for the Planning, Architecture, Ancillary Equipment Space Design, and Systems Coordination of (4) proposed underground transit stations. At a later stage, two of the underground stations were consolidated into one Grand Downtown Station with crossover. Urban Design presentations for bus transit, parking & kiss n’ ride facilities and intermodal centers for potential Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) were made to stakeholders.


Four 1000-foot underground stations, each with 700-foot platforms with bus transit centers, parking structures, bridges, intermodal connections with collateral property development during the Conceptual & Preliminary Engineering Phases. Two 1000 ft. and one 1550 ft. consolidated stations during the Final Engineering Phase.

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