SFMTA As-Needed Specialized Engineering Services

Client: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Location: San Francisco, CA
Cost:  $3 Million (Fee)
Completion Date: 2014


Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA), the Prime Consultant for Specialized Engineering, Management Support, planning, design, and construction services support on SFMTA’s Central Subway Project and on the existing tunnel systems, line segments and a host of rail and bus stations and maintenance facilities across the system.  Recent on-going tasks include predicting, analyzing, preventing and mitigating noise and vibration from trains and equipment; ultrasonic rail weld testing and project controls for the Central Subway Project, evaluation of vehicle maintenance facilities; developing business plans and processes to initiate and manage pilot projects, and help the agency exploit smart technology for improved customer service as well as the generation of revenue.  AVA performed analyses and recommendations to address SFMTA’s Asset Management needs, including documenting current business processes, mapping the various asset information systems that included finance and accounting, materials and procurement management, bus and rail operations and maintenance management systems, and facilities information systems. AVA then developed To-Be business processes and information systems that would enable whole life cycle management of all assets controlled by SFMTA. The entire work was compiled in a comprehensive Conceptual Engineering Report which included implementation stages as well as estimated costs.  An RFP was developed for potential systems vendors.


SFMTA’s Specialized Engineering Services contract includes twenty-two (22) tasks for Facilities, Track, Systems, and Vehicles. The tasks include design and inspection of trackwork, troubleshooting, inspection; testing and safety certification for rehabilitation, modification or repair of transit vehicles and equipment; Condition Assessment of the capital assets; preparation of cost estimates for achieving and maintaining the assets in a State of Good Repair; preparation of QA audit, plans, training and assistance as required by the Agency. Systems work included systems integration, central control, and communications, systems analysis for special engineering’s GPS driven systems.  AVA assisted SFMTA in developing an Enterprise Asset Management System for managing SFMTA’s assets worth $16 billion.