San Fernando Valley Bus Rapid Transit Corridor (Orange Line)

Los Angeles, CA

Client: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Size: 14-Mile Bus Rapid Transit Corridor
Cost; $298,000,000
Completion Date: 2006


Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA) was responsible for Preliminary Engineering Construction Contract Documents and as Owners Representative for the Landscape Design of this fourteen-mile Bus Rapid Transit Corridor-Design-Build contract, connecting North Hollywood Metro Rail Station to Warner Center in the San Fernando Valley. In an earlier contract, AVA provided conceptual site planning for seventy-five alternate potential light rail station sites on five alternate alignments. AVA provided visual impact considerations of stations and segments between stations. AVA identified joint development opportunities and prepared station site plans and reports. The bus rapid transit corridor is designed to convert into a light rail corridor in the future. AVA coordinated Preliminary Engineering design with architects, other engineering consultants, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for the full length of the transit corridor. The work supported an on-going EIS/EIR effort. AVA presented its design concepts to numerous community and civic organizations and achieved consensus for its design. Specific attention was given to the identification of native, drought-tolerant vegetation that would be compatible with the transit corridor.  The contract bid documents were prepared for this Design-Build contract.  AVA provided construction support services during the Design-Build period.


This fourteen-mile corridor is a dedicated high-speed bus corridor that occupies a former rail alignment.  There are twelve stations along the route. The corridor provides a vital transit link between the North Hollywood subway station, and the Warner Center in the San Fernando Valley, connecting commercial, educational, religious, residential, recreational, and transportation facilities.