Maintenance Facility Building Las Vegas Monorail Project

Client: Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Size: 16,000 Square Feet
Cost:  $16,000,000
Completion Date: Preliminary Design – 2002


Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA), was responsible for the Architectural and Engineering design during the Preliminary Engineering design phase for the maintenance yard and shop.  AVA’s design team provided Architectural, Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering design services, and Cost Estimating support.  Project costs guided the definition of design parameters.  Therefore, an efficient and functional yard and shop layout was a significant component of the final design phase.

AVA provided Architectural, Mechanical, Engineering, Structural and Electrical services and worked diligently with the client to develop an imposing and aesthetically pleasing facility.


As a part of the congestion management plan around the Las Vegas casino area, the Regional Transportation Commission evaluated alternative technologies and decided upon the monorail system to carry passengers along the strip. This is part of the Resort Corridor Transportation Master Plan. This six (6) mile long system is integrated with the Limited Liability Corporation’s (LLC) monorail system for which construction is in progress. The six (6) mile system contains thirteen (13) stations and a new maintenance yard and shop located midway in an urban setting.  Therefore, it was critical to design an aesthetically pleasing facility which would fit within the context of the urban fabric of Las Vegas City.


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