LAX Central Utility Plant

LAX Central Utility Plant


The design documentation developed by Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA) for LAWA formed the basis of a Design-Build project, whereby the Design-Builder would provide final construction documents. AVA’s role was to develop concepts, seek LAWA’s approval, and complete 35% design so as to give design direction and parameters to potential bidders through the use of graphic exhibits and specifications. Tasks included:

  • Site analysis and As-Built drawing review to determine possible conflicts of the landscaping with the concurrent retrofit of existing Central Utility Plant (CUP) infrastructure. Reviewed existing landscape to ensure that the proposed installation would blend in with the current look, while also providing a new palette of plants to reflect the new CUP design language.
  • Worked closely with LAWA and design team to determine design direction for landscaping around the proposed CUP, relating plantings to the building elevations, as well as to complement and enhance the building screening system. Recommended a-state-of-the-art irrigation system.
  • Investigated possible problems/conflicts with the replacement of existing landscape beyond the CUP project boundary into other portions of the airport facilities.
  • Produced a probable cost analysis for the landscaping.


The Landscape Design around the LAX CUP enhances both visual and aesthetic interest to this facility and provides a screen for the lower portion of the building structure. The proposed landscape design and plantings also relate to existing design themes in other parts of the airport. A state-of-the-art landscape irrigation system was recommended. A unique feature of this airport landscape installation is a planting design with low-water usage and low maintenance, which is of paramount importance. Of equal necessity for this project was a plant palette that doesn’t attract birds for reasons of air traffic safety.