Fullerton Transportation Center Pedestrian Bridge Elevator Addition

Client: City of Fullerton Engineering Department
Location: Fullerton, CA
Cost:  TBD
Completion Date: 2012 – 2014


AVA is responsible for the Architectural design of the elevator installation and work related to compliance with accessibility standards.


The Fullerton Transportation Center is a passenger rail and bus station. This historic station is served by Amtrak’s trains and Metrolink and Orange County Line trains and is also a major transportation depot in Orange County. 

Scope of Works

The city of Fullerton commissioned AVA in association with HMM to provide design services for the installation of 2 new service type public use elevators, renovation of existing toilet facilities and upgrade of existing parking facilities including path of travel to comply with current accessibility (ADA) standards.

The 2 elevator towers are addition to the 2 existing elevators currently in operation.  Clad in glass and exposed steel structure the towers are located on each side of the railway and connected to the existing pedestrian overhead crossing bridge. Elevator cab interiors were designed with clear safety glass on stainless steel frames enclosures to enable passengers to see through the exterior of the towers.

To comply with current accessibility (ADA) standards, toilets were redesigned to include repartitioning of toilet compartments, provisions for grab bars, toilet accessories and relocation of toilet fixtures. Parking layout was reconfigured including relocation of accessible parking stalls and provision for signage. In compliance with accessible path of travel requirements, striping for pedestrian way and ramps were incorporated in the design.



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