Downtown Los Angeles-Sylmar High Speed Rail Study

Client: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Locations: Downtown Los Angeles to Sylmar in the Northern San Fernando Valley , CA

Size : 22 Mile High Speed Rail Study involving the French TGV and the German Maglev System.
Cost:  $700,000,000 (Budget Estimates)
Completion Date:  1995 (Study)

Role :  

AVA responsibilities included:

  • Station Concepts & Renderings
  • Station Site Planning Route Refinement and Engineering Feasibility
  • Site Circulation Studies for Bus and Auto Interface.
  • Analysis of Alternative Alignments Physical Corridor Constraints and Station Area potential.
  • Station locations for each alternative, and optimal spacing of stations.
  • Heavy light rail and high speed rail interface.
  • Exploration of newer rail technologies such as the Maglev and French TGV
  • Multimodal Center Interface with other transportation modes


A 22 mile corridor between Union Station in downtown Los Angeles to Sylmar, served by a proposed high speed rail or commuter rail train in conjunction with a light rail system.

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