Diridon Arena Station

Client: Valley Transit Authority
Location: San Jose, CA
Cost: $70 Million
Start Date: 2006
Completion Date: 2010


Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA) is responsible for planning and architectural design of the Diridon/Arena Subway Station and its coordination with the adjacent existing historic Diridon Station and a future multimodal station. Diridon/Arena Station is situated immediately south of W. Santa Clara Street adjacent to the historic train depot. Diridon/Arena Station takes full advantage of the opportunity for intermodal connections with the adjacent commuter train (Caltrain), national railroad trains (Amtrak), a recently built Light Rail Station, and a Bus transit Transfer Area. Directly across the street is the HP Pavilion (Sports Stadium), a major local and regional attraction.


This Station, at the edge of downtown, takes its theme from the two major elements at its location, the HP Pavilion, and the historic Diridon Station. The existing immediate environment at this station will be the result of a major redevelopment project which will be influenced by the adjacent Diridon Station and HP Pavilion. For the new Station, the functions of these existing facilities helped to guide the design themes of waves and circles evocative of movement in both transit and sports.

One enters the Station through glass-covered portals that exhibit a cutting edge design of steel and glass. The glass roof of the portals is elegantly diaphanous in that the glass is supported only at the four corners of each sheet and has no edge mullions. Two flanking towers clad in metal and translucent glass act as supports for the glass canopy and also serve as enclosures for the accessible elevator and air intake and exhaust shafts. From the portals, passengers arrive in a space that is open to the full height of the station box with a ceiling of closely spaced thin vertical perforated metal panels shaped in the form of a wave continuing from one end of the concourse to the other. The walls are clad in white porcelain enamel panels with crystallized glass accents. The walls can be used for backlit graphics displays, advertisements, and/or art opportunities.

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