BART Operations Control Center

Client: Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART)
Location: Oakland, CA
Cost: Unknown
Completion Date: 2013 –2018


Prime Consultant for this Operations Control Center Project.

  • Planning Phase The initial task was to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a new Operations Control Center (OCC) at the existing site of the Lake Merritt Station site. In addition, BART requested a study of the feasibility of building a 400 foot high mixed or single-use tower above the new OCC facility, as Transit Oriented Development. BART’s directive was to determine the feasibility of this combination without interrupting the normal BART train functions while keeping the existing OCC in full operation until the switch to a new facility. With the TOD a possibility, AVA has designed a new high tech OCC concept. The new OCC will make full use of numerous technological advances in visual image creation, and develop a design that will be flexible enough to allow for the inevitable future changes.  With the development of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Plasma Display (PDP), and Digital Light Processing (DLP), it is now possible to use high-resolution monitors instead of the rear projection systems. We will explore this as it allows better visibility and eliminates the need for projection in a darkened room. AVA developed a design concept for this new facility that provides a display of over 2,000 sq. ft. that will be visible from every part of the new OCC and explored structural concepts which would facilitate the 400’ tower. Cost estimates were developed to evaluate the cost differential between building the tower above the OCC vs. building the tower on a virgin site. This proved to have cost prohibitive.
  • Design Phase:  AVA is now in the next phase to study all engineering issues, design the new OCC, and ensure construction and start-up over a tight schedule over the next few years.  We are working in conjunction with BART PM to interface with stakeholders to ensure that all systems elements are incorporated along with their current and future plans.  Station/Tunnel Ventilation Systems, Traction Power, Communications, and a host of other ancillary equipment rooms are being reviewed, and any changes to them as a result of this new OCC development will be addressed in the design. The station public spaces are being conceptualized for changes with this new OCC development, addressing issues of ADA, circulation, visibility, safety, security, along with potential threat and vulnerability scenarios, etc. AVA has developed a preliminary activity loaded schedule on P6 and will further develop this into a cost load schedule. A project wise module for tracking design & construction, and to support progress reports is in the works. Conceptual Engineering design is in progress, along with regular interface with BART discipline groups.


The existing Operations Control Center (OCC) was built when BART first began operations more than (40) years ago.  It was upgraded when BART was extended to San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Millbrae. This expansion of the OCC is necessitated due to the extension of BART to San Jose, other future rail development in the Bay Area, and to cope with advances in operations, additional train traffic, and new advancement in OCC technology.

Size: 12,000 – 14,000 sq. ft. Operations Control Center (OCC)

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