Baldwin Avenue Grade Separation Project

Client: Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority
Location: El Monte, CA
Cost:  $21.3 Million
Start Date:  02/2013
Completion Date:  03/2015


Anil Verma Associates, Inc. (AVA) is providing Construction Management Services with responsibilities for inspection and safety oversight services. The project consists of a railroad bridge, a pedestrian bridge, roadway, underpass, track works, retaining walls, pump station, landscape, drainage, sewer, water, communications ducts, and host of other utility relocation work.  AVA is responsible for coordinating all its services with Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), City of El Monte, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works and many different utility companies, such as Edison, AT&T, Southern California Gas Co., California Water, etc.


The Baldwin Avenue Grade Separation Project, located in the City of El Monte, required Baldwin Avenue to be lowered by twenty-five feet approximately below the existing Union Pacific Railroad tracks. The project required the construction of a temporary shoofly for uninterrupted revenue railroad operations of the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) prior to the multiple constructions of the new railroad bridge. UPRR bridge superstructure was built of pre-stressed concrete girders. The bridges and retaining walls foundation footings are seated on pile-driven steel H-piles of 45-foot average depth. The underpass roadway along Baldwin Avenue was built utilizing Caltrans Standard Construction Guidelines and Details. The project includes construction of a massive 45-foot deep concrete pump station, dedicated permanent pedestrian walkways, road signage, traffic signals, road striping, storm drainage, sewer system, relocation of water, gas, and communication lines, and installation of new curbs, gutters, and sidewalks per Public Works Standard (Greenbook) and City of El Monte.  The project is on schedule and on budget.