Amtrak 8th Street Yard Security and Maintenance of Way Building

Client: Amtrak West Engineering Division National Railroad
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Size: 15,000 sq.ft. (300’ x 50’) and a Mezzanine Area of 7,500 sq.ft. (300’ x 25’) for a total of 22,500 sq.ft. Covered Area
Cost:  $3,000,000
Start Date:  2003
Completion Date:  Professional Services 2004
Construction: Awaiting AMTRAK Budget


The Amtrak Maintenance Facility and Yards is a key component of the Southern California Amtrak System.  AVA provided Architectural Planning and Design, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Structural Engineering Services. AVA developed the Master Site Plan and design of the Police and Security Office, Administrative Office, Maintenance-of-Way and other shops all consolidated in one building.


This maintenance facility has a first floor area of 15,000 sq.ft. (300’ x 50’) and a mezzanine area of 7,500 sq.ft. (300’ x 25’) for a total of 22,500 sq.ft. covered area. The police and security office, engineering office, and radio shop are in a single story structure, whereas the sheet metal shop, electric shop, carpentry shop, and the maintenance-of-way shop are in a double story structure with a mezzanine. The structure is made of steel framing with concrete masonry units (CMU) walls for the one-story structure and a combination of CMU and metal siding for the two-story structure. The roofing is sheet metal on steel girders.  Except for the detention room and evidence room walls in the police facilities, which are CMU, all interior partition is sheetrock on metal studs. Jib cranes and mono-rails have been provided in the shops to move heavy equipment, parts within the shop, and also to service the mezzanine.  High bay openings allow for truck access and larger structural spans allow for bigger work bays.  This is a high-security building with electronic surveillance equipment and cameras for the entire yards. All vehicular and pedestrian circulation was reworked from the guard gates with special parking facilities for the police.