Resident Engineers


    Support Duties include, but are not limited to:

    • Assist and support the oversight and management of all daily field and office activities.
    • Assist and support Metro management of the Project overseeing the activities of CSSC Construction Inspectors and Administrative/Project personnel.
    • Assist and support monitoring contractors’ work for compliance to schedule, budget, Technical Specifications, and legal requirements.
    • Assist and support resolving design and field construction problems. Attend progress meetings. Monitor and report on construction progress
    • Assist and support in expediting design and field changes. Assist and support in reviewing contractor requests for change and, when appropriate, the preparation of contract change orders/modifications, including the development of technical scope and justification. Assist and support in the submittal, RFI, RFC, design submittal, claim reviews and responses. Assist and support the LACMTA Contracting Officer in the negotiation of contract changes.
    • Assist and support the Construction Testing Disciplines, such as welding, non-destructive testing, electrical design and testing, rail design including trackwork components. Assist and support in the review of quality engineering reports for test and equipment acceptance. Assist and support the review of the quality program submittals for compliance, as required by contract documents.
    • Be familiar with the Construction Safety and Security requirements of the Project. Communicate and implement safety rules, policies, and procedures in support of LACMTA’s safety vision and goals to contractors and subordinate personnel. Assist and support LACMTA, contractor, and others with identifying uncontrolled hazards or security vulnerabilities and establish agreements for future compliant controls for identified hazards. Assist and support LACMTA in working with the contractor to correct observed hazardous, at risk, or non-compliant work activities. When requested, assist and support in responding to construction incident scene(s) and assist and support LACMTA Construction Safety personnel with major incident investigations.
    • Assist and support in awareness of asbestos and lead paint abatement and demolition protocols, Contaminated and Hazardous Waste Management, State and Local stormwater management regulations, and Construction Noise.
    • Assist and support, review, and develop plans for construction monitoring and/or surveying. Assist and support in organizing teams of engineers, inspectors, and surveyors to oversee, verify or monitor construction activities. Assist and support to ensure timely review, interpretation and compilation of inspection and survey reports, familiarity with geotechnical and survey instrumentation, borehole logging, and laboratory testing of soil samples.


    • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management or other related fields.
    • Registration as a Professional Engineer is desirable
    • Approximately ten (10) years of experience in Construction Management of transit projects or heavy construction projects of similar complexity
    • Experience as a Resident Engineer on a design-bid-build project of at least $30 million
    • Approximately three (3) years of supervisory experience in the management of major heavy construction contracts or heavy construction projects of similar complexity.
    • Prior experience with construction in an active public transit rail alignment environment or heavy construction project of similar complexity.
    • Prior experience with installation of special track work.
    • Valid California Class C driver’s license.
    • Experience in the construction of and demolition of low to mid-rise buildings.
    • Experience on Transit Projects that include an intermodal facility (bus station and light rail station) or heavy construction projects of similar complexity.
    • Cal-OSHA/OSHA 30 training certification at start of work on project
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