Trans Hudson Express Tunnel<br>(THE TUNNEL PROJECT)<br>Newark, NJ - New York, NY

Trans Hudson Express Tunnel
Newark, NJ - New York, NY

AVA's Role
AVA is a part of the design team responsible for design and preparation of plans and specifications for the Trans Hudson Express Tunnel (THE Tunnel) which will be constructed underneath the Hudson River, between NJ and NY City.

New Jersey Transit, Newark, NJ

Project Description
The Trans Hudson Express Tunnel (THE Tunnel) previously known as the Access to the Region’s Core program, includes a state-of-the-art Two-Track Tunnel under the Hudson River and a New Rail Terminal under 34th Street adjacent to the current Penn Station. This provides new track capacity on New Jersey’s Northeast Corridor and a connection to rail lines serving residents of Bergen, Passaic, Rockland and Orange counties. Customers in these counties, as well as those on the Raritan Valley Line, will benefit from a one-seat ride to Manhattan and customers on all lines serving New York will benefit from increased frequency of service. The Tunnel project will also provide for additional rail storage capacity.This project includes all associated tunnel structures, and the 34th Street Station in New York City, which will be the northern terminus of the project. • Architectural Design • Engineering Coordination

$7.2 Billion


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