Foothill Transit Administrative Headquarters<br>A/E Design Services<br>West Covina, CA

Foothill Transit Administrative Headquarters
A/E Design Services
West Covina, CA

AVA's Role
AVA is the Prime Consultant for the planning, design, engineering, estimating, scheduling, and construction administration for the Administrative Headquarters building for Foothill Transit located in West Covina, CA

Foothill Transit, 100 North Barranca Ave., Suite 100, West Covina, CA 91791

Project Description
The administrative headquarters will occupy an existing six -story, 44,000 sq. ft. office building. The building is being totally renovated and updated with the latest technology. The original HVAC, electrical, and communications system in the building will be substantially updated. The building is being brought up to code to comply with the latest fire/life-safety and ADA codes. Much of the previous office space in the building is being totally replaced to accommodate the Foothill Transit’s administrative office requirements. The design of the Foothill Transit offices promotes interaction and communication among all departments. Strategically located break areas and lounges reinforce the promotion of spontaneous, ongoing interaction among all members of the staff. All staff members will have a perimeter office and a generous application of glass along the corridor walls will bring natural lighting into the core areas of each floor. Foothill Transit is a major, award-winning bus transit agency in Southern California.



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